Grenacia Gem Green (grenacia) wrote in minnknit,
Grenacia Gem Green

Knit Out at Mall of America

I went to the knit-out for a little while today. It will be going on again tomorrow. Some useful info if you want to go:

1. Here's the schedule:

2. Parking really, really sucked. Line of cars inching around. Take the light rail train instead if you can. There were lots of crowds and lines in the mall too, but it was tolerable and couldn't really be helped.

3. Atlantic Books (3rd floor by Macy's) is having a big store closing sale, all books are at least 30% off. Check out their discount crafts section. They have a lot of cheap knitting and other crafts books. I got "Knit it Now - Turn Great Yarns into Great Sweaters" and "Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting" for under $7. They also have a lot of good deals on fiction.

4. Freebies: Lion Brand is giving ou big black cloth tote bags. Michael's is giving out Paton's Divine in white, blue tweed, and brown tweed (I'm going to make my boyfriend a scarf). Bernat is giving out Boa fur yarn. Clover is giving out bamboo needles and something else, I forget what. There are also, in various places, crochet hooks, needle gauges, lots of patterns, small yarn samples, and coupons for discounts at LYSes. Some things you have to wait in line for, and others you have to fill out surveys for, some things you can just walk by and pick up. There are also door prizes.
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