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minnknit's Journal

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Keeping Minnesota in Stitches
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Want to knit with a group of local knitters? Check out the TCKnit Yahoo! group. There are groups all over the metro area that meet regularly. Of course, you can always connect with people through this community.

Continuing the tradition of having a Livejournal community for everything and it's brother's sister, we bring you...


If you have a minute (get it?), take a gander, post a reply, knit us up an entry. If you're a knitter and from Minnesota, you belong here. You're one of us. Gooble, gobble, knit, purl.

Let's share the latest sales, jibber-jabber about favorite classes and upcoming yarn shows, and make plans to get together for a stitch-n-bitch or several! If you want to advertise stashes for sale, go right ahead - what kind of knitters would we be if we refused the possibility of obtaining more yarn? Anything related to knitting/spinning/fiber arts in Minnesota is welcome to be posted here. More general knitting-related material (including online yarn sales of non-local merchants) should be directed towards knitting.

And now, talk of all crafts is welcome here, as long as the content relates to (or poster is from) Minnesota.

kitchenwitch birthed this community on 4/3/2003. Got an issue? Send her a skein of yarn and she'll see what she can do for you.
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